Best Results

  • Mulch-Lock® Concentrate works best if diluted and mixed in a separate, clean, appropriate-sized bucket. Best results are achieved with 1 part Mulch-Lock to 2 parts water. Mix thoroughly for at least one minute. Pour contents into desired sprayer of choice.
  • After each use of your Mulch-Lock sprayer, remove intake straw, hold handle higher than straw, then compress the trigger handle to remove any excess product from hose and intake straw. After compressing handle, excess Mulch-Lock will quickly exit hose. Immediately rinse tip nozzle and intake straw filter with water until clean. Reinsert black intake cap on intake threads. Store remaining contents for later use.
  • Store at room temperature and keep container tightly closed.
  • Make sure temperature is at least 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit and NO rain is in the forecast prior to spraying Mulch-Lock. Results are best when applied in warm weather and direct sunlight. Do not spray if weather may freeze overnight. Wait until weather is consistently 55-60 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer.
  • Mulch or ground cover must be dry and stay dry for at least 24 hours to achieve maximum bonding power. Mulch should not be damp or wet before spraying for proper bonding power. (Make sure to turn sprinkler systems off after initial application.)
  • Mulch-Lock can be cleaned up with water. In case of spill rinse with damp towel or peel off flat surfaces once dried.

For any additional questions, contact our customer service department at 1-800-336-1372