• How long does Mulch-Lock® bond to ground cover? Read

    Mulch-Lock® is specially formulated to last a long time. It can last up to 12 months, but the exact amount of time really depends on the application. There are three factors that determine how long it holds: weight and size of ground cover, how heavily Mulch-Lock® is applied, and how long Mulch-Lock® is left to cure.

    Mulch-Lock® takes up to 48 hours to completely cure as long as it's not diluted by rain water or a sprinkler system right after it's applied. Double coating trouble spots (downspouts, driveways, and sloped areas) will also help those areas hold in place longer.

  • Is Mulch-Lock® expensive? Read
    Not at all. A bag of mulch can cost $4.00 or more. Depending on the number of areas you need to mulch, that can get expensive, especially if you need to replace or replenish the mulch more than once a year. Since Mulch-Lock® locks your mulch in place, there is no need to constantly replace or replenish your mulch. That can save you a tremendous amount of money over time – and Mulch-Lock® costs only pennies per square yard.
  • How much Mulch-Lock® do I need? Read
    Depends on the area. A little goes a long way with Mulch-Lock®. Just one 1.5 gallon container of ready-to-use Mulch-Lock® covers up to 1,500 sq ft. If you need more than that, our 2.5 gallon concentrate covers up to 7,500 ft². For trouble areas, it's always a good idea to double coat.
  • Is Mulch-Lock® messy? Read
    No, Mulch-Lock® is simply sprayed on. Our ready-to-use pump sprayer has a built-in sprayer, so it's very easy to use. The sprayer nozzle can be adjusted for targeted problem areas easily. Our concentrate can be diluted with water and used in a simple self-pumping garden sprayer. Mulch-Lock® cleans up easily with just soap and water.
  • Is Mulch-Lock® only for mulch? Read
    No, you can use Mulch-Lock® on any ground cover including pine straw and needles, wood chips, hay, straw, dirt, pebbles and light rock.